A passively coole

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A passively cooled micro computer as a full Windows Server 2012 R2, Azure Site to Site VPN Router, VPN endpoint for clients (SSTP/IPSEC), Remote Desktop Gateway, Failover DHCP Scope, all  in the size of 2 decks of cards.   Earlier this week I … Continued

Something big in Chicago

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A couple months ago Microsoft announced their reorganization of their technical conferences.   A consolidation of what used to be multiple product specific, and generalist conferences into one unified conference.   At the time of the announcement the only info provided was the image … Continued

Windows Phone 8.1 update on my Nokia Lumia 920

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On April 14th MS launched the Windows Phone 8.1 update via their Developer Preview program.    Anyone can join and update their Windows Phone 8 devices to 8.1 just by enrolling in the free App Studio program.   WPCentral has a great … Continued