I’ve Here is a run down of the videos I have hacked on over the years. In order of the newest to oldest. Some more random videos I’ve posted over the years can be found at my youtube channel, linked in the sidebar.
All of the YouTube videos can play at 1080P, default they play at 720P on the page.

9-10/2020 – Done with 2020: A Pandemic Adventure
A Pretty exciting 8 day journey around NM, AZ, and CO exploring some areas that are new to me and some I’ve been to in the past. It was a good way to break in the “new” bike a year after I purchased it but due to how messed up 2020 has been I haven’t been able to get out on any long trips. 2253 miles of adventure including tow trucks and snow storms, just like you would expect from a trip in 2020. Over 1TB of video was processed and edited to make this dense 11 minute video.

8/2015 – Bikes, Nukes, and Nature
My video of a 4 day trip on the motorcycle to explore western Colorado. This includes backpacking, hiking, visiting a 1960’s nuclear test site, and going to a viewpoint at Lands End (on Grand Mesa) 4000ft above the valley floor below. It was a great trip and made for some stunning video.

10/2014 – The Long Way to Salt Lake

My scrap book video of my ride from Denver to SLC taking a very long way through Utah. I visited many sites I have missed on previous trips, and helped me check off the last national park in Utah off my list. I also ride the Moki Dugway which was something I’ve wanted to do for some time.

1/2013 – 5280 Raceway Intro Video

This is a video I made for 5280 Raceway in Denver, CO where I race RC cars at.

The video was initially made to hype a big race we had, and then was repurposed just for an intro to the track.

9/2012: A Desert Journey

This video documents my solo 8 day trip on a motorcycle around Colorado, Utah, and Arizona in Sept 2012.

The goal of this trip was to check out Jerome, AZ, the Verde Valley, and specifically visit Caduceus Cellars for a nice glass of wine. Caduceus is owned by Maynard James Keenan, the man behind Puscifer, and a member of Tool and A Perfect Circle. Maynard’s latest Puscifer album is all about the desert, and it drove me to go see it.

I felt heading down to Jerome was a good destination for this trip. It didn’t disappoint. The people of Jerome were very nice, and the staff at Caduceus Cellars were informative and very helpful in picking what to try.

9/2012: A Desert Journey Unedited Ride up Arizona 89A.
Just the road, the bike, and the 12 minute ride toward Jerome. This is the full length ride that is featured in the middle of the Desert Journey video above. Available up to 1080P resolution

3/2012: A little trip through Colorado with Kate

Kate and I went on a mini vacation to hot springs @ Mt Princeton, and from there I realized I had my GoPro with. So I recorded the next 2 days of travel and this is the result. I used this as a test for some new techniques, and the music is because we had just seen Puscifer in the front row two days earlier.

9/2011: Colorado In The Wind

This is a video showing my 7 day solo motorcycle ride around Colorado. This is shortly after we moved to the state and was a great way for me to see what Colorado was all about.

This trip covered all areas of CO west of I-25 while avoiding most freeways for 99% of the trip. This was a great way to see the new state we moved to. This was shot with a mix of time lapse, and video. All with a GoPro HD Hero strapped to the bike.

8/2007 : WAI/SCCA AutoX @ Miller Park, Milwaukee, WI

Kate recorded a couple of my runs in my 2002 Ford Focus SVT, in the last AutoX event I participated in with this car before selling it. This is the afternoon runs and I was pushing too hard on many of the corners (as the white smoke denotes).
The car was a blast to drive on these kind of courses as it was modified pretty much just for this. It sported H&R race springs, Yellow Koni adjustable shocks, adjustable camber plates, stainless cat-free 2.5” non resonated exhaust, custom rear sway bar, running Hankook S2 track tires. It also had a custom engine map, and some other tweaks. The car was nimble silly fun

10/2006 : 2006 Lake Superior Performance Rally, Houghton, MI

I made a yearly pilgrimage up to Houghton, in the UP of Michigan to spectate, work at, and overall have fun at the annual rally race that covered most of the Keweenaw Peninsula. This is from our 2006 trip where Mike White and I shot tons of footage covering this event. This was shot before HD was common 🙂

10/2004 : 2004 Lake Superior Pro Rally, Houghton, MI

This was the final year that stage rally in the US was under the SCCA. After this year Rally America took over.

1/2004: Rally DVD Title/Intro video

This is a video title/intro I made for some WRC DVDs I distributed in the early/mid 2000’s as a side business. I am pretty happy with how this turned out, it was made with a combination of Lightwave 3D, Adobe Premiere, and a few other tools. I have since completely forgotten how to do any of that stuff… so it’s cool that I found this lying around.

11/2002 : 2002 WAG RallyX, Great Lakes Dragway, WI

Being part of the Midwest Subaru Owners Club (MWSO)back in 2002, I went down to check out a RallyX. Before that I devised a way to mount a camera to the almost universal Subaru Impreza headrests. So I handed out a headrest with a camera on it to various people and recorded what happened. Some humorous commentary by the drivers.
Just remember, you can run without a helmet as long as you don’t roll over 🙂

10/2002 : 2002 Lake Superior Pro Rally, Houghton, MI

This was my first time recording LSPR, and it was a blast. I will freely admit that this video isn’t the best 🙂 This was at the tail end of the mfg run series. In the video you can see the works Subaru’s, Mitsus, and Hyundai (An evo drivetrain put under a Hyundai). This was an impressive time to be around the sport!

Also note the Audi Quattro, and Supra, both cars you don’t see much in rally these days.

There were many more videos over the years, but either they are lost, or were on VHS or something… I post stuff here as I find it.

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