Me @ Independence Pass, CO

9.2011 Me @ Independence Pass, CO

Why a motorcycle?

I love it… just that simple.  It allows me to get away from everything when I want.  It mixes elements of adventure, excitement, fear, and respect.   Going on trips on the bike alone is one of the more interesting ways to spend time I’ve found.    To be able to absolutely tune out work, drama, etc… and just focus on the road ahead.  

Riding down in Southern Utah, Northern Arizona, or Western Colorado have all been trips that opened my eyes to how beautiful the country can be.    Every ride or trip just makes me want to do more.  

 My Bike:

Make: Triumph
Model: Sprint ST
Year: 2005

The Sprint is a sport touring bike that is more sport that touring. It has an aggressive riding posture (mix between sport and touring), and a fun 3 cyl 1050cc plant. The bike has been continually tweaked to my liking, and is (as many motorcycles are) uniquely mine with the changes that have been made over the years.

I bought the bike with 4000 miles on it in 2010, 2 days before I took my MSF course. I had a 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250R for my first bike for roughly 2 months before getting the Triumph. There is something unique and interesting about the Triumph Vs every other big iron HD, or Azn bike on the road. It isn’t cheap to maintain, isn’t built for 100% reliability through 100K miles, and has tons of quirks. But that’s all character 🙂

As of the winter of 2011 I put on ~8000 miles on the bike myself. Over the spring of 2012 the bike has been rebuilt from frame+Engine up.   I put the bike on a stand for about a month as suspension was retuned.  I put new tires on the bike, tweaked the engine a bit, redid most of the accessory wiring on the bike, checked all mount points, bearings, and systems.  Also swapped the stock mirrors for Honda VFR 2K mirrors as they are more stable and give a better view.

New LSL bars were mounted to give more flexibility in riding positions. 

In 2013 I have only replaced the Rectifier with a newer one to keep better charge when using lots of heated gear, and normal spring cleaning items like new oil/air filters.  The bike is pretty damn near perfect at this point.


  • Tires: Michelin Pilot Road 3 (Love these tires! They work as good in 35F rainy cold weather as they do on 130F boiling pavement)
  • Givi E370NT top box
  • Givi E41 side cases for much more cargo space, and overall higher quality cases.
  • MotoFizz Medium camping/gear bag
  • Bags Connections powered tank bag w/ Map Holder, and 2 way USB charter port
  • Scoche iPod/iPhone remote
  • Garmin Nuvi 550 GPS (cheap waterproof motorcycle GPS)
  • Eastern Beaver aux power box up front for accessories
  • GoPro mounts all over the bike
  • Oxford Heaterz heated grips
  • Laminair Touring lip screen
  • Multifunction Temp/Clock/Battery Monitor
  • Techmount holding the iPod remote + anything else I need accessible
  • RAM ball mount for the Garmin GPS


  • Custom Corbin seat (with faux CF weave texture for better butt grip)
  • Triumph Off-Road (aka: Race) exhaust
  • DDM 35w HIDs for the low beams – Just as ineffective in the night as the stock due to the harsh light pattern cutoff on this vintage of Sprint – but incredibly noticeable and bright in the day and gets people’s attention.
  • Ballistic Evo2 12Cell Lithium Battery
  • Hard wire power for GoPro (with remote trigger to control recording from the cockpit), and power for the GPS. (+ lots of room for more power for more accessories as I want)
  • Speedo Healer – to correct factory speedo drift.  (No longer used as the gearing is back to stock, but it’s still on the bike)
  • ECU remapped via TuneECU (In 2013 went to a new aftermarket ECU mapping for a Catless exhaust – ver smooth.)
  • Daytona 675 coated front brake pistons (stopped the piston stick the stock ones had)
  • EBC HH sintered front and rear brake pads
  • Custom tuned front and rear suspension (RaceTech springs, custom valving) – Work done by  – VERY happy with the results!
  • Remote control buttons for the trip computer
  • LSL Handle bar conversion
  • Triumph Tiger 1050 throttle barrel (bigger cam, quicker throttle without needing to rotate your hand a ton)
  • Shindengen FH020AA Mosfet rectifier unit (replaced in 2013 from a FH012AA)
  • Metri-Pack waterproof replacement connections for the R/R and stator high current connections.
  • Replaced all engine grounding and starter power runs (from 8GA to 4GA high end wire)
  • R&G Frame Sliders
  • Pazzo levers.
  • Swapped VFR 800 (2000) mirrors
  • LED indicator signals
  • Custom Helmet Lock
  • hard wire power kit for the top box. (so I can charge devices in there while riding).
  • LED parking lights
  • Custom GoPro Power and Trigger setup

Riding Gear:

  • Tour Master Epic touring riding Jacket
  • Coretech Sonora mesh riding jacket
  • TCX Goretex X-Five boots
  • Shoei Neotec Helmet
  • Sena SMH-10 Bluetooth Helmet communications.
  • FirstGear HT Air riding pants
  • Aerostitch Heated Bib 
  • Aerostitch 3 digit rain over gloves.
  • Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Pant Liners.
  • 4 different sets of gloves from Alpine Star, FirstGear. for hot, rain, cold, and very cold.
  • CamelBak for long rides
  • Shure sound isolating headphones used as ear plugs, and to listen to music when I ride on longer trips.

Motorcycle Camping/Touring specific gear:

  • MotoFizz Pillion bag – mentioned above, but very much used just for camping.  Holds my sleeping bag, Kermit chair, sleeping pad, food, tools, and most everything.
  • Kermit’s Camping Chair
  • ACR Electronics SAR Link PLB
  • Nemo Morpho AR2 pole-less Tent
  • Kelty Alpine Pad
  • Kelty 40+ sleeping Bag
  • Insulated Liner to bring the bag down to ~ 30+.
  • MSR compact stove
  • JetBoil Camp Stove/cooking system
  • Primus Micron Lantern
  • No Rinse shower wipes (for times where a shower isn’t really around and you need to get the motorcycle stink off ya)