Something big in Chicago

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A couple months ago Microsoft announced their reorganization of their technical conferences.   A consolidation of what used to be multiple product specific, and generalist conferences into one unified conference.   At the time of the announcement the only info provided was the image … Continued


9/5 pics from Ant

9/5 pics from Antelope Island just north of Salt Lake City and in the Great Salt Lake.   The island is covered in Bison, and surrounded by salt.  It’s a pretty neat place, but for only one visit.    I got to … Continued

Some pictures from 9/3 – De

Some pictures from 9/3 – Delores River Canyon – Gateway, CO, Islands in the Sky @ Canyonlands, and Paradox Valley, CO (and La Sal mountains in the background).  These are all as they came off the camera. The wood structure … Continued


Made it to Montro

Made it to Montrose as expected.   Long day, about 300 miles, and almost 6 hrs on the bike.     I tooled around the black canyon on the bike for the first time since 2011.   The updated suspension on the bike (updated … Continued