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My little post labor day trip to SLC is a wrap!  1786 miles in the bag.  The above is from the data logger that was along for the ride. Look below for the rest of the stats I tallied.

Here is a link to the full res map:


Overall stats for the ride:

  • 5.5 days riding
  • 1786 miles
  • 32 hours moving on the bike
  • Furthest distance on the bike in one day: 345 Miles – Far from my record, 485 is the most I’ve done in a day on this bike.
  • Longest day on the bike (including stops, detours, photos, etc…): 11hrs. (Which surprisingly is the blue line on the map, which is actually the 2nd longest day, shorter by only 15 miles from the longest mileage day)
  • 44.0 Mpg average
  • Top speed: -REDACTED- 😉
  • Hottest temp seen: 95.1F – Near Moab, Utah
  • Coldest temp seen: 41.0F – Near Kremling, CO.

Over the course of the trip, nothing broke, nothing needed to be fixed.   I checked the oil @ day 4, and again today, and it didn’t burn any, as its at the exact same level it was when I left.  Even the tires are within a 1 lb of pressure of where they were when I left.

 The bike didn’t fall at all, and I didn’t get hurt at all.

I did drop my helmet only 3" onto the visor  at a stop, and scratched the hell out of the visor…  So I had to replace that when I was in SLC.  That is really the only casualty of the ride.

For all its quirks, and its riding style for very long distances (which isn’t optimal)… I cant complain at all!  I honestly cant believe how sure footed the bike is in virtually all conditions.  Even loaded, the bike cut corners more consistently than I ever expected, not even a wobble.  Even with the fat rear tire, I was able to consistently clean off any sign of a “chicken strip” on the edge of the tire quite easily. 🙂

The bike looks just like it did when I left, only dirtier:



So much fun!   But I got home and had new Ski gear sitting on the counter waiting for me… so I guess its time to indulge in that hobby now 🙂

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