Pics from my ride

Pics from my ride on 9/4.   Today I finally got to ride the Moki Dugway, which wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be, but it was fun.   I then took a few mile detour at the top to a lookout point that overlooks Glenwood Canyon.    The ride to that spot was very fine sand, and glazed clay.  There were warning signs saying if it rains the road is impassable.  Which from the pic above, you can see storms were moving in.

Some of the other pics are from Lake Powell (or as it seemed, Stream Powell).  I rode through the Hite crossing, and the water is so low from where it once was, I parked at the bottom of the boat ramp, and I was still ½ mile from the water.

The Hite site seems to be overall abandoned by the public, I saw one other car there.   I am guessing some time ago when the water was higher this was a very popular area, but no more.

Overall this was a great day, but exhausting as always.

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