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Today I did one of the first performance upgrade on a server I built back in 2010 before moving to CO.   This is a beast of a home server with 20TB of disk (including 512GB of SSD), 48GB of ram, and 2x Xeons.   The CPUs were fine, and they were as much as I could afford when I bought them new.  Xeon E5620’s ran around $380/chip back in 2010.

I was lurking on Ebay and ran across what seemed too good to be true,  X5650s (nearly 12% faster in clock speed, and with 50% more cores, and a much faster memory and bus speed).   These are 6 core (12 threads), 2.66 Ghz, 6.4 GT/sec CPUs.  Vs the E5620 which was a 4 core, 2.4Ghz, 5.8 GT/s.  Last I saw, these CPUs were running on the order of $1000/cpu even as recent as a year and a half ago.   Way outside my price range.

Well it seems HP is offloading  CPU upgrade kits, because for $144 for 2 CPUs I received a new, unopened, HP CPU upgrade kit with 2 brand new procs in it.    Something that cost over $2000 used last year, now $144 new!   It makes sense since these CPUs are hitting the end of a normal enterprise server lifecycle being 4 years old.   But they are still brutally fast and efficient.

So for little more than what 2 heat sinks cost these days for servers, I just jumped the performance of my home virtualization server by over 50%.

If you are looking for some cheap speed, look on Ebay for some X5650s.  On a few websites, I recently saw these listed as the best bang for the buck CPU around today.

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