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This last week I re-did how the webcams on this website run, and added a second one that looks down at the 16th st mall in Denver, while the other looks at the skyline still.  Click the Denver Cams and Time Lapse to see both cameras in action.   The second camera is just a test for now, it may not stay where it is.   I am looking at options for a nice high res fisheye/ultra wide angle camera.

Danger – Geek Details Below:

I was able to (via some nice USB over network software) move all the webcam stuff into VMs on my virtualization host.   Works brilliantly.   By doing this I also added some scalability to it (only limited by USB ports on the host).   So I added a second camera just for kicks.

The USB over network ports the physical USB ports to the VMs, the bandwidth to stream 2 webcams over that software is ~ 390Mb/sec.   The data is running over the internal 10Gbit link to the VMs and has no impact on the server (host or guests) at all.

I had one glitch that the company that made the software fixed for me ASAP (having two cameras of exact same models at the same time threw some fits with the UID’s on the USB drivers).

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