Fabrication time

So one thing that I need to do as part of this project is fix up some fairing attachment points that are broke or cracked. Unfortunately a front one is missing all together and I am not sure I can fix that one, but a few others are just holes that busted out one side, or attachments that broke but I have both sides.

 I picked up some specialty repair glue and filler that according to the interwebs, is all that and more. Q-Bond is the name of the stuff. it comes with a special super glue kinda stuff, and then you have two different powders you add to it. It’s supposed to be drillable, machinable, able to be sanded and stronger bond to the plastic than the plastic it attaches to.

 I am planning to make some wax molds (using a candle I am going to melt) to build forms for the fairing bits I am missing and go from there. going to take lots of pics because if this works well, everyone should own some of this magic goop! 🙂

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