Broken printer, is really broken now

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Not content with minorly breaking and fixing things, I went all out this weekend and reallllly broke the AM8 i’ve been printing the parts for my new printer with.

Mid print, I noticed a gush of molten plastics above the heat block and it sitting crooked…. Busted the titanium heat break!
Missing some rather important parts here.

I’ve been struggling in the last week with the heat block getting loose and having small leaks above the heat block. I’d heat tighten the block again, and go on, and a day later it would be lose again. It was something I was going to check out to see why it was happening once I finished with a few parts.

Today, that all came to a head. Maybe it was from constantly re-tightening (doing it properly holding the block steady, and tightening the nozzle), or something else… But today in restarting testing and trying to re-calibrate things… everything went sideways. I noticed the leak was not from a loose heat block this time, but the heat break itself.

This was the fancy upgraded titanium one at that!. I am going to try and extract the busted heat break from the heatsink, but I ordered a new heatsink/std heat break, and new block/thermistor so I can get back to printing ASAP. I cant swap over the parts from the new Titan Aero I have on the new printer as they are mirrored copies and wont mount up.

I also put a nice chip in my Ultrabase dropping a tool onto it… so that is being swapped out as well. Fun times!

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