A little cut here, a little twist there, and we are back in business.

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Had to cut out the broke heat break on the hot end and the cold side. Dremel to the rescue

With a dremel, a big flat blade screwdriver, a little bit of force and the heat block, and the Titan Aero heatsink were free of the broken Titanium heat break. This leaves a small cut in the heatsink and in the heat block, but neither impact performance.

I did have to run a 6mm tap through the heat block to clean up the threads a bit (of burned PETG, and other crap). Once I did that I fed in the steel heat break I have, and the NozzleX I’ve been using for everything and secured everything back together in the Titan Aero heatsink.

I took a dremel sanding wheel to the heat block to take off all the remains of burned filament and clean it up in general.

I didn’t take any pics of the work to do all this… but you get the idea.

But here is a pic of it working now:

On reinstallation, re-hot tightening, and some testing here is the results:

First print repaired, and the last print with it failing.

So since the last successful print, I’ve replaced all the LM8UU bearings in the X Axis, both X and Y Idlers for bad bearings, and rebuilt the hot end. The bearings didn’t fix anything for the print quality issues I was seeing out of nowhere (they would have if the messed up hot end wasn’t causing big issues)… everything was dude to the hot end not behaving as it should.

I did multiple hot tightenings (probably what eventually helped the failure of the heat break), rebuilt the hot end once, and nothing fixed it. This leads me to believe something was just way out of wack. Now with the new steel heat break in, a cleaned up heat block, and everything readjusted… its printing back to its great normal self.

So back to printing parts!

Next challenge: Wiring the X and U axis. I have some stiff ribbon wire I am planning to use for the X and U (print heads) axis and arch it over. But I need to figure out how I want to tie in the wires from the Duet, to the ribbon, to the Print head axis… I have some ideas, but it is going to take a bit to sort it out.

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