Broke a printer, printing a printer

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So my trusty heavily modified Anet A8M is on the fritz… After printing pretty good through 6 rolls since it was rebuilt in early winter… It’s gone funky. 2 pulleys have failed, and now that think linear bearings on the X axis are done. Print quality went to shit, and the X axis has a good bit of lash in it now. One of the Pom nuts on the z axis also is wearing out .

With family coming into town this is a good break for the project so I can get some time to repair the Anet, and get some specialty work done on party’s for the new printer ( like laser cutting acrylic, and drilling the tooling plate I am using for the heated bed.

Tonight I did get the mirrored Titan Aero extruder mounted on the ‘U’ axis , so that’s something!

Test fitting the extruder and wire runs

Not much else got done , I designed a bunch of new parts but haven’t printed them yet for the reasons above.


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