First batch of production parts is starting

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First PETG parts

After a full day of re-calibrating the printer, and trying to get this Hatcbox PETG to print consistently with a .3 nozzle, and .12 layer heights (it’s been a real headache, it seems much more touchy than eSun PETG I was printing with was) we are off to the races!

This filament has been a pain in my ass regarding bridging… its either perfect one print and crap the next, or doing a temp tower at all the same temp, one bridge will be good, the other will be crap. Then I was dealing with this issue:

I had to change back to printing inside-out to get bridging to work again with the PETG and remove those weird loops. I tried some extreme settings on retraction, coasting, wiping, etc… and nothing changed those loops at the end, even a 40C temp change didn’t change anything. The resulting collection of wasted plastic is evidence of this:

PETG…. some days you are my favorite, and others… I hate you.

After what turned out to be way longer than I expected I finally got stuff dialed in close enough for what I needed. Calibration wise, I had to tweak the steps per mm for X and Y a very little bit (.2 for X and .55 for Y) and got it pretty good. Within the margin of error. Z is always a bit weird due to the squish on the build platform, but I’d take that as close enough.

I am going to hammer out the PETG parts first, then move to the Nylon CF ones, then come back and do the Polyflex last as I am going to be designing wire guides and such out of Polyflex later into the build.

Next parts after this batch are the fan duct and ring ruct for both extruders in PETG. I may replace the rings with Nylon for higher temp resistance at if it turns out I have enough Nylon leftover.

Rest of the shipments coming in shortly.

Over the next 2 or 3 days I should have the remainder of the parts needed for construction and the motion system in hand. I am still waiting on my Duet2Ethernet to be returned from RMA from Filastruder ( the new one had a failed ethernet port), which seems to take a tad longer than I expected.

I plan to have the Rails mounted to the aluminum extrusions this weekend.

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