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One mod I have been waiting on just due to time was fabricating a 3/8" spacer on the rear rack that would let me move the rear top case forward a few inches.   The stock setup with the SW-Motec rear bracket was that the rear grab rail was up 3/8" from the rack.  This made it so I had to have the top case far back on the bike… too far. 

The further up and back a load is on the bike the less stable the bike is.  This bit of HDPE I picked up through Amazon Supply, and cut up on my porch, makes it so I can move the case 4+ inches forward, which for weight on the bike is a big change and takes cantilever stress off the rear frame a bit by squaring up the load onto the grab rail better.  

In a perfect world I would fab a bracket to let me position the rear case ~ 8inches further ahead and over the passenger seat to keep the weight closely centered.   But that’s probably not happening due to the lack of fabrication facilities in my apartment 🙂

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