Socially Misguided

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To be socially conservative in your own life and practice is acceptable and admirable to stand by your devotions and not allow others to influence your personal life. On the other hand, to be socially conservative and force* those views be applied to all around you is among one of the most direct anti-American moves a US citizen can do.  It is directly in the face of freedom of choice, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and most all basic American freedoms.

When people of a more liberal view, or a contrary view to a social conservative, reject having hypocritical pseudo morals pushed on them, the social conservative decry that as being an affront to their own free speech.  When in reality, that is the opposition just protecting their rights as Americans.

No one is telling social conservatives to smoke weed, have gay sex,  have an abortion, watch Ellen, consume birth control devices, approve of all those who do what they don’t like, etc…   Social conservatives and the vocal religious are saying their views are more justified and valid than others. By forcing their views and in doing so destroy the basic rights that this country was founded under.  There is nothing more dictator like, or fascist in nature than quashing freedom to live under ones own ideals and principles in exchange for an attempted singular entity to dictate what is right and what is wrong.

*- By “Force” I mean by attempting to pass laws, or other government level rules, penalties, or declarations based on a very narrow social/religious belief with out any regard to what the people as a whole want or believe.

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