Get lost in the woods easily?

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Just wanted to mention to my CO friends and others around who often venture out into the unknown and want some piece of mind.  I just saw ACR electronics has released a newer/cheaper/smaller Personal Location Beacon.  I have a SARLink from ACR and carry it with me on the bike, and camping.   To me having something like this when you are hiking or away from the roads/cell towers/ or going out Solo in the backcountry while ski’n is a great idea.

On my motorcycle trip last fall, ½ of all my nights camping I had no cell reception at all, and looking at my Google Latitude maps that tracked my trip, I can see how major portions of my trip were entirely without coverage (5 hours out of 7 hours of riding one day as an example).    Yet these PLB’s are military grade, high power, multi band, highly accurate, location devices that can get you help if you need it in a hurry.  Not a bad insurance policy while out and about. 

These are way more capable, and reliable than the SPOT or other consumer grade devices.   You can check in and give “I am OK” emails/messages to your family as well through your trip easily just with a button click. (note that the SAR link lets you do that for 400+ times, where the Resq only is 60 due to smaller battery).

(note this is not a paid advertisement, I really find having one of these to be a nice reassurance, and now that there is a cheaper and smaller option I thought I would mention it.)

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