Helmets, Helmets, Helmets…

Been pondering a new helmet for this year on the bike.   Something that has better ventalation, less noisy, and in general is a bit more comfortable in very hot weather.   I thought my choice was going to be easy – a Schuberth C3.   But now it seems all kinds of new goodness is coming around.

  • The Shoei NeoTec (I have a Shoei Multitec) – a vastly improved version of the helmet I have. 
  • Nolan N104 – the evolution of the standard helmet for the touring crowd.   Trying to get more info on it, as it may be an option.
  • And the well reviewed Schuberth C3.  Which I’ve already tried on a few times, comes in the color I want (Hi-Vis), and is supposed to be quieter than most of the others.   But is more expensive by $100 than the others.

All are close to the same price (the Schuberth is a bit more expensive).  But I think I need to test out the goods before I make a decision.

But nice that there is a few more high end modular options out there.

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