Pictures of my 2011 Motorcycle Trip around Colorado.  This is for the “My Travels Page” on my Blog.

This was a ~1700 mile round trip around Colorado.  Visiting 3 national parks, and countless awesome views.  This trip opened my eyes to what Colorado has to offer, and its variety.  It was covered in detailed in the 15 minute video I posted on the videos page on this blog.

This was my first solo trip on a bike of any real distance, and I had a blast.   Riding alone gives much more flexibility to ride at your own pace, do your own thing, and change plans when you want.

I did break a part off the motorcycle mid way through the trip – I busted the right foot peg off after dropping the bike in a 0mph fall.   I had to do some road side repairs and was back off and running for the rest of the trip!

This trip is an inspiration to do this kind of ride or longer every year.

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