Next tweaks for the bike

So while the bike is awesome in its rebuilt form, there is some pending tweaks to be done to alleviate some longer term issues with the bike that I want to just address.

  • Ride height – going to lower the bike ~ 1".   The process to do it is pretty simple, and probably 3 hrs of work in total to just flip the rear eccentric and lower the front forks.    But I do need to get a side stand and the center stand cut to properly handle the bike in its lowered state (it would fall over too easy to the right if they aren’t cut).   So I am going to be picking up some Ebay used items off similar model years and take them to a shop to get them cut and welded.
  • Move the rear case mount forward 3 or 4 inches.  Currently its sitting back quite far and I would like to move its weight closer to me when I don’t have a gear bag on the back of the bike.   I need to buy some ¼" sheet plastic  or something to space up the mount so I can move it forward a bit.    Overall this is to change the cantilever effect on the rear grab bar a bit.
  • Replace the stock saddle bags.  I am watching for a good price on some Hepco & Becker bags to come up in ebay, or some givi’s, but I am not a real big fan of the looks of the Givi’s.
  • Triumph Off-road Exhaust.   This is a lighter, cooler running, Cat-less pipe for under the seat.  it also gives a real nice growl on power.   I already have a bit on Ebay for one of these… we’ll see how that turns out.

None of these things are required and I could go the entire riding season not doing them and be OK with it. 

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