Last bolts and screws were put in tonight,  last body work was put on,  all the control screws were thread locked and torqued, the grips were glued on.   The bike was fired up and ridden around a little bit in the garage to check out everything.  Brought up to temp and rev’d to ensure there wasn’t any misfire or various maladies.   The bike idles smooth, revs even smoother, and wants to go!

Planning to take the bike on its maiden trip from its rebuild to Broomfield tomorrow for a customer visit, with a bit of a detour on the way home to get some legs under the new setup.

So happy everything went together so well on this!  In the end from labor quotes I got from other places, and parts deals I got… I saved almost $2000 in labor and parts by doing most of this myself and finding a small rock star shop to do the suspension vs a big company.

I have a whole list of stuff to do here and there over the next few months here and there, but as of now she’s ready to go!

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