What fun would be wrenching on the bike if there wasn’t an epic trip to be had in the end?

This is a route I am pondering.   Heading from Denver up to Saskatoon SK up in the great white north (taking mostly freeways and fast routes to get up there, should be able to do it in 2 days on the bike) to visit with a friend up there.  Thentaking a much more leisurely and scenic run back through Glacier Natl Park, Yellowstone, SLC, the Arches, then through some of CO I didn’t get to hit 1st time around.

total route mileage is somewhere around 3500mi.  But the real route would probably add 100 – 200 onto that for meandering and looking at other roads.

Pretty sure this would be something like a 10 – 11 day trip and probably would happen in late August or Labor day weekend. 

It would be a mix of camping and hotels.  No way I am going to camp for almost 2 weeks and put that kind of mileage on the bike.

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