Had a great half day of wrenching on the bike, actually knocked out a great portion of what I expected to do on this project.

  • HID units moved out of the front cubby and behind the speedo for more room up front
  • Replaced all the rubber holders for the Relays – the existing ones were all dry rotted and falling apart.
  • Eastern Beaver aux power unit wired in
  • Stator and R/R power lines updated, and sealed
  • Headlight delay unit ( delays the headlights to turn on only after the bike is started).  This helps lower battery power usage when just turning the bike on or before starting it.  Was built with a reed relay, and 2 diodes from Radio Shack and a small bit of blank circuit board.
  • Pulled the airbox off to re route and check the state of all the wires under there.
  • Installed a new longer clutch cable for the LSL bar install and adjusted it.
  • Moved the Speedo Healer (re-calibrator for the speed sensor for the smaller 18T pinion on the bike) to the front cubby (next to the eastern Beaver unit).
  • Reinstalled the battery and checked all the power wire routing.

After all that its nearing the time to start putting plastic back onto the bike I only have a few things to still do electrical wise still.  After that it comes down to cleaning and re-lubing many of the joints and bearings.

The clutch cable was fun because the LSL supplied one is a bit different than stock, and a bit too long.  So I had to creatively route it to take up some of that extra slack.

Great fun today and everything went as planned, which is shocking!

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