Website work and New Tires

I hacked around on Tumblr over lunch today to improve the playback of videos, I also added some info about the motorcycle, and such, and organized the menus a bit.

I had to run some utils against the video files as well to get the index proper for web streaming.   I changed from using Quicktime as a fall back from HTML5 to a JS/Flash player.  

I also fixed some issues with firefox playback of the time lapse.    Safari also seems to work some times… it seems to choke on pages with lots of HTML5 video links on it.   Firefox also sucks that they refuse to play h.264 content via HTML5 tags so they are out of luck on the videos page.  Use IE9 or Chrome… both those seem to work best of all the browsers.

Anyway – besides that fun, I ordered a set of brand new Michelin Pilot Road 3’s for the bike.  Should be good to go to get them mounted by the time the suspension makes it back here.

Tonight on the bike I will be balancing the throttle bodies, reflashing the ECU, and calibrating the TPC and IACV stepper motor on the engine.

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