Recovery week

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This last week was such a crazy time, I am happy to see the coming week is the calm before another storm of fun.   Just sitting here thinking of what all went down in the last 5 days:

  • Presented to the Microsoft world wide operations and management team.
  • Went to the Denver Film Festival for a couple movies
  • Saw Puscifer rock the roof off the Paramount
  • Flew to WI, and went to the best damn supper club around with friends
  • Loaded up with ~$300 in WI native beers
  • Drove in 13 hrs back to CO
  • Hung out for the day at a friends home brewing (well my role was to stand there and drink beer)
  • Surprise Kate at the airport when she got in last night.

This week:

  • Recovery.

Next week: 

  • Friends fly in from IL and UT for 4 -5 days of fun times in Denver over thanksgiving.
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