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I am home!   Made it in a pretty slick 13hrs.   Here are some numbers:

  • Distance: 986mi 
  • Time: 13hrs 5 minutes to my front door from Steve’s Liqour in Fitchburg.
  • Total stops along the way: 3
  • Tumbleweeds run over in the CO wind storm:  1
  • Coffee’s Consumed: 2 + 1/3 of a asstastic tasting cofee energy drink in the last 2 hours of the trip when stuff was starting to get a little dull.
  • Most awful dinner ever:  Taco Johns after almost 1000 miles.
  • Most Awesome lunch: Culvers.
  • Empty beer growlers recovered from WI: 18
  • Alcohol transported from WI to CO : Maybe Enough? for a short bit?
  • Total Bottles of Beer: 158

From the above picture you can see the bootie I was hauling.  That is most of what I brought, there are multiple 6 packs for most of them in the picture, and 4 packs of the Sprecher, and both Hinterlands (Octoberfest, and Winterland) that I didn’t put up there.    And the two cases of New Glarus and Ale Asylum are : Black Top (GABF winner), and Contorter Porter.  

Other New Glarus beers (are mostly stuff I havent seen before or requests):  Two Women, The Laughing Fox, and Moon Man.   Other AA beers: Mercy, Satisfaction Jackson, Mad Town Nut Brown.

In there are two bottles of the new Thumbprint series from New Glarus (Chocholate Abbey), and 3 Belgian Red’s for bartering around town. There are also some Southern Tier beers there that you cant get in CO, and are some of my favorites (Oat, Mokah, and Imperial Black)

Oh and 2 big bottles of Korbel (wich cost ~ 2/3 the cost in the big bottle in WI, that the small one can be found in CO for if you are lucky enough to find it), so instead of relying on some pretty shaky and random Old Fasioned’s around Denver, we can just make the proper ones ourselves.

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