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Ran across this album today in a random mix of music I was playing.  I used to listen to listen to this album and this song when playing Quake 1 Threewave CTF online.     I first got this CD in high school from a friend who recommended it to me.   It’s been in my collection since then (since 1996 I think).

Makes me long for the days of what that Threewave Capture the Flag game style did for Quake and other games going forward.   Today the games are so focused on graphics, or "realism" they tend to really screw multi-player up.  Making it too complex, to over produced IMHO.   Quake 1 CTF/DM, Q2 CTF/DM, and Starseige: Tribes (and to a lesser extent Tribes 2) are some of the more pure fun gaming I can remember.  

I listened to music quite a bit while playing games online…  Normally electronic, something with a beat, and something that doesnt have lots of vocals as that tended to distract from team communications. 

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