More progress made on the bike

I received word that my suspension is on its way back to me as of tomorrow.  After one final call/check on some settings for the ride style, and use was confirmed today.   That means I have probably the rest of the week to finish all my other work on the bike in order to be ready to throw the suspension on and take it for its first ride this coming weekend – pending UPS/FedEx delivers as expected! (fingers crossed)

Tonight I hammered out some of the items that were higher on the list (finally made a check list)

  • Throttle bodies were checked (was going to sync but they were very close already so I didn’t bother messing them up)
  • Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) was adjusted
  • ISCV stepper motor was calibrated/adjusted.
  • Body work was fixed – Used Qbond to repair some broken attachment points.   Very impressed with that stuff!

Much of that was work that needed to be done deep in the chassis, so now that I am done with that, I can start putting items like the airbox back together, connecting the hoses, and wires, and start the process of getting the bulk of the bike back together.

Remaining items are more or less wire and control changes.  The control setups cant be done until the body work is back on to check for clearance and also with me on the bike.  So the suspension needs to be back on as well.

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