Got a lot of work done on the bike tonight. 

  • All the accessory power bits installed (Power for the GoPro, power for the GPS, power and control unit for the new heated grips), tested, and ready to go.  
  • Terminated the trip computer remote controls. 
  • Sanded the throttle tube to allow the new heated grip to fit on
  • Throttle cables adjusted for the larger cam of the Tiger 1050 throttle tube I am using (for a quicker throttle)
  • I redid most of the power runs to the battery, separating and armoring the Pos run.
  • Also re ran the battery tender.

Now with all this, I am very close to being done with my check list for the electrical and engine bits.    Now when the suspension gets here on Friday I should be ready to get the bike all back together.    Going to get the new tires mounted and balanced tomorrow.

Last big mod/tweak I need to do though is hack some VFR 800 mirrors and seperate indicators.

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