Dear Rick Perry,

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I am not ashamed to admit that I don’t care about anyone’s religion (or lack thereof), lead paint induced delusions, or imaginary friends.  But you don’t need to be a sane American to know somethings wrong with this country when “freedom of religion” is mistaken as a mandate for everyone to celebrate your beliefs. When gays in the military is somehow stopping your kids from celebrating that Hallmark orchestrated baby Jesus® party in December, or distracting them from real tax payer funded education to focus on religious mythology instead.   (DAMN YOU SNEAKY GAYS!)

As a normal guy, I’ll continue to not give a shit about why or what you celebrate in December, what you call it, or what you do with it. I’ll fight against the idea that if you don’t celebrate the Jesus®, it’s an affront to Americas heritage (which its not – pretty sure the original people who came here, did it to get away from idiots like Rick Perry and his ilk).   

Faith in not being persecuted for your beliefs or lack thereof is what made America strong.  We can make America strong again if everyone will step back and realize that just because someone doesn’t say “Christmas®” doesn’t make them right or wrong, and you shouldn’t give a shit anyway.  

I’m Joe Kelly, and what the fuck?

*Jesus, Christmas, “War on Religion”, are all registered trademarks of Fox News and may not be used without prior approval by News Corp.

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