Canada… eh?

My friend up in the great white north of Saskatoon, SK and I were chatting yesterday and I think I’ve setup a route that makes sense to head up there and hang out and see what Canada is all aboot.    Last time I was in Canada was in 1998 when I drove through Ontario to get to northern NY to see a friend.

My first route for the trip up there was an unbearable 4700mi round trip. Which would be fine if I was OK burning all my vacation time for one trip and dealing with a trip 2x longer than any other ride I’ve done.   That trip had me visiting Banff, Glacier National Park (Both in Canada and US), Yellow Stone, Calgary, the Canadian Rockies, etc…

This trip is slimmed down, much more direct coming in at 2600mi, its more or less a direct shot up to Saskatoon from Denver, then back down fairly direct into Montana where I’ll meander down to Yellowstone National Park.   Cutting out all of Alberta/Calgary, Banff, and the CO Rockies from my ride saves tons of travel.  And we may hit that up via car while I am up there anyway.

Both routes planned for a stop over in SLC to see other friends down there then back to Denver.

This trip is seeming quite reasonable, and now it comes down to planning timing and vacation time.

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