Bomb Cyclone and the Frozen Cam

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The Rooftop webcam that I put up just about a year ago is getting one of its more impressive tests today. Denver is in the middle of a “Bomb Cyclone” blizzard and could plunge Denver into its lowest pressures ever. 70-80mph winds, driving snow and ice, etc… Most of denver (heck most of the front range) is closed today… most of the highways are shut down in one place or another, and most businesses closed up. It takes a lot for Denver to shut down like this, but it’s no joke.

The camera currently looks like this:

Snow and ice… in a year, nothing has frozen up over the camera before. It runs pretty warm and normally melts snow and ice as fast as it forms.

I went outside to see the situation:

Nice lens cap

So… it’s going to stay covered up for a bit I figure… as the ice and snow build up on the front of it. The wall there in areas has ice built up (around a door jam just out of the picture) 3″ deep.

Check out the timelapse of the storm as it covered the lens @

Now back to staying warm and hoping the power stays on (its been off and on all day, with a nice 2 hour chunk in the morning of it being out)

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