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So letting the printer do it’s thing for a few days and doing minor tweaks along the way. Turns out I was dang close on a number of parts and others were perfect.

The bigger parts of the printer have been validated and more to go.

Still more parts to test print but about ready to start building. I am still waiting on about a week or two of delays on parts and shipments coming in, but I have enough to get rolling.

Update: a new part I am very happy with

Custom Modular ring part cooler. (Can be a ring at the end or a traditional straight open duct.) 24v 40×20 blower fitted in.

Imperial vs Metric:

Gates GT2 9mm x 16T pull modded to 5mm

I am using all Gates belts and pulleys for this project, most ordered from e3d, but I ordered some harder to find authentic Gates 9*16T from another vendor. Turns out these are only sold in imperial sizes for the inner bore. In this case it added up to 4.7mm and not 5 that my motors are.

A $8 5mm reamer and about 10 min of time and they were made 5mm. Easy fix to two $15 pulleys.

Progress progress progress!

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