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With getting a new RC kit in hand, it made me nostalgic of the previous kits I’ve owned since it seemed like so few have ever been new kits, most were used.    Turns out almost half were new!
* = New kits.  

  1. * 1996 – HPI Nitro RS4 – 1st RC kit, Nitro engine powered 4WD Touring car.  I used the hell out of it on parking lots… invested most of the money I made as a kid into that kit 🙂
  2. 1997 –  Thunder Tiger 1/8th Buggy – Bought this used, came with a .21 nitro engine, ran it until I broke it.   1/8th scale, AWD, Nitro buggy.
  3. * 1998 – Team Associated RC10GT –  Nitro engine powered, 2WD, off-road stadium truck.  I had it up until about 5 years ago.
  4. * 1999 –  Kyosho Nitro Blizzard – Nitro powered tracked Snow Cat – this was a blast to have, very expensive and fragile, but stupid fun.   Sold on Ebay back in 2007.
  5. 2001 – Ofna Blazer Monster truck.  Acquired in trade for a NAS device.  came with a great .21 motor that I later used in other cars.  Never used this car as – is.
  6. 2003 –  Ofna Ultra LX 1/8 Buggy.  Nitro Buggy.  Used some parts and the engine off the Blazer along with a used car I purchased.  Ran this a bunch of times, but eventually broke it bad.
  7. * 2003 –  HPI Nitro RS4-3 SS – Nitro 1/10 Touring Car. This was my favorite project car.  I bought one and so did a friend and we raced around parking lots all summer.  Come 2004, I rebuilt it as a race car and went racing at a local track.  This car made me poor 🙂
  8. 2003 –  Losi XXX-T 1/10th scale Brushless Electric offroad Stadium Truck.  My first electric RC!  Raced indoors on a carpet offroad track.
  9. 2004 –  Ofna Hyper-7 –  1/8th scale nitro Buggy. Bought off Ebay. A more race ready 1/8th Offroad Buggy.  Raced it a bit at a local track but was quite bad at it.
  10. 2004 –  Team Associated RC12L3 – Electric 1/12 scale pan car.  My first entry into racing on-road indoors.
  11. 2005 –  Kyosho FW-05RR – Bought used from a friend, Competition 1/10 scale Nitro touring car.  This car was built from the ground up by me to be a competitive car, and was one of the fastest cars at the track.  This was my last Nitro powered car, everything from then on was electric.
  12. * 2005 –  PRC Quad 12 –  1/12 racing chassis.   This was a new upgraded 1/12 pan car kit.  It used lots of items from my 12L3, but was a completely new chassis.
  13. 2006 – Team Associated B4 – 1/10 offroad electric buggy.  Ran this for about 4 months and then sold all of my RC gear and left the hobby.
    Exit from RC
  14. * 2009 – BMI DB12R –  1/12 on road pan car.   My Re-entry into RC with a local track converting from off-road back to on-road. Had to buy all new gear.
  15. * 2009 –  BMI DB12RR – Upgrade conversion for the 1/12 pan car to take LiPo batteries. Track closed in the Spring of 2010, Sold lots of RC gear, put the rest in storage.
     Exit from RC #2
  16. 2012 –  2x  V-Dezign CR-V – 1/12 Pan cars.  Moved to Denver, found a new track, bought back in!   Bought 2 new 1/12 cars and ran those for the entire year.
  17. 2012 – CRC GenX LE World GT – 1/10 pan car.  new class I dabbled in
  18. 2013 –  Xray T3 2010 – 1/10 electric touring car.  Bought a car to use for Vintage TransAM racing. This is my first electric touring car. and first touring car since 2005.
  19. 2013 –  2x Xray T3 2012 – 1/10 electric touring car.  More up to date and competitive touring car.   Started to race standard classes like 17.5 stock but only now and then initially.  Bought a second one just before IIC in Vegas to enable me to run 3 classes with 2 cars.
  20. * 2013 – 2x Xray T4 2014 – 1/10 electric touring car.   After Vegas I sold both T3 cars, and purchased 2 newly released Xray T4 2014 chassis.

Besides for Cars and trucks, I’ve also owned a .46 engine Trainer RC plane back in 1999, and a Traxxas Nitro Vee boat back in 2000.

This is the first time I’ve sat down to compile all the RC cars I’ve purchased.  Totaling 23 cars/trucks/conversions (9 of which were new) and 2 other vehicles.    That is an immense expense on its own, the support gear behind the scenes for all these cars and years of racing is another level on its own.

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