Why all the hate around Surface RT and Windows RT?

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Seems every day I read some industry analyst saying how bad Windows RT is, how much of a failure it is, how unrecoverable the product line is.   And my main question is… Why?  I know technology analysts get paid to really just be hyperbolic about companies to generate page clicks.    Today Microsoft is the whipping boy, and the focus has been RT lately.   It was a bad launch, and awful commercials.  But the hardware and the software are on-point.

I’ve been using a RT for months now (I have  Surface Pro, and 2 RTs),  my wife has even given up her Lenovo T520 laptop for a Surface RT for daily use as well.   For something light, small, and dynamic in what it can do, this thing blows away an iPad I had(and sold), is more portable and easy to carry than my Samsung Slate I had(sold), and is a perfect companion to my PC and Surface Pro. 

I’ve been using the RT daily when I am around the house or when I travel to the RC track to keep up to date with work, bring up OneNote to work on notes and setup sheets I need, bring up Excel spread sheets, update Power Point decks, work in Outlook.

One of the primary misconceptions is how “weak” the app store is.  I’ve found Windows 8 “Metro” Apps to do everything I ever wanted to do on the tablet.   “Metro” IE plays Flash websites just fine (something Apple cant do still), and the ability to work with any kind of data makes things just so simple.

With the Windows 8.1 update, I find these tablets to be the ultimate windows devices.   My surface pro is pretty much something I only use when I want to use a legacy piece of software like some old Garmin mapping tool, or play a PC game.   

I am wondering if the Surface RT will be “Betamax"ed.  A clearly superior product, tanked by improper marketing, and talking heads not understanding and not wanting differ from the "bash MS” party going on right now.

For the pricing the RT is going for these days… if I didn’t have 2, I’d buy another!

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