(Updated the Link for the 1080P version – and fixed one typo)


(Updated the Link for the 1080P version – and fixed one typo)

Here is my final product of my trip (besides still going through SLR pics),  all of Western CO distilled into one tidy 15 minute package.

Besides for video, much of this was captured with the GoPro HD on the motorcycle just taking one 5Mpix still image every 5 seconds. Which is also why parts of the video are at a slightly different aspect than others.  The video was all shot in 720P 30 fps (to extend the life of my 80GB of memory I brought with.)

The GoPro was also hard wired to run off the bikes power system via a hack to a BacPac I did and documented here a few weeks ago.

Sorry for any motion sickness this may cause 🙂   All the video and time lapse were sped up quite a bit to fit everything into 15 minutes.  Many of the very twisty bits (most of the trip was very twisty) were edited out because of the rapid direction changes and how hard it was to watch (especially any of the time lapse shots).

The video is 1080P so enjoy!

This ride was amazing, and one of the most interesting trips I have ever done.  I am already brain storming of new trips next spring to places like Yellow stone, or down into New Mexico or Arizona. (not to mention the possibility of Austin for the GP next November).

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