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Next week I am planning to hit the road Fri – Monday on a nice little 4 day trip down to Nathrop, Telluride, Cortez, Durango, Silverton, and back through Glenwood Springs home.   Staying over night in Nathrop, Telluride, somewhere around Montrose. 

So far the weather prediction looks fairly wet for that weekend, but I am actually OK with that.   Riding in the rain pending you can keep warm can be a lot of fun.   The bike has tires which are supposed to be some of the best around for sporty rain riding.   And I am not camping this trip, so no dreading setting up camp in a rain storm.

I got my first bit of heated riding gear – the Aerostitch heated bib, which while much cheaper than full heated liners, should do just about the same thing.   I also got some fun Aerostitch 3 finger (two fingers per digit) rain over gloves that should solve my wet wrist thing I had going on last fall in the rain.  This stiff coupled with my new heated grips should net quite a comfortable ride regardless of the rain/cold.

I need to book my hotels still, and confirm my route (I may not do either and just head out and see where I end up), but should be a fun weekend.  With it being the dull time between ski season, and summer vacation, the roads should be rather clear of people too.

I need to do some quick water proofing on some wires and such that I didn’t get around to yet on the bike, but overall the machine should be more prepared for this trip than it was for the longer ride last fall.

Now time to get all my gear laid out and ready to pack up to see what I am missing.  Get a solid play list together and loaded on the iPhone.  This should be a much lighter load than camping! like 1/3 the gear.

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