Electric Chaps…

So … didnt think I would every say I bought a set of chaps… but I did, electric ones at that.

These aren’t the typical leather items that are used by Harley riders, or various adult films…   These are heated chap style liners by Tourmaster (Synergy 2.0).   Since it looks like my ride next week will be done in some cool mornings and with the potential of rain most of the days, I wanted to get one more bit of heated gear to keep my lower bits a tad warmer.   Via Motorcyclegear.com I got a good deal on the liner+ wiring, and control box.  

The reason for chaps over full pant liners is they were considerably cheaper, and I don’t need something covering my entire leg, just the front of the legs where the cold hits.

Now I need to start doing power budget calcs for the bike to ensure I am not going to overwhelm my alternator, and drain the battery.   I think I am good to go so far, but I need to add up all the other bits on the bike.   The HID’s I installed 2 years ago gave me 30 Watts of power back to use for more gear.

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