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This is what happens to your living room when you combine 2 gear intensive, and logistically challenging exercises into one trip.   For the last week I have been looking to see how I can pull off piggybacking a motorcycle trip onto a CMC backpacking trip, and add in a few more days of backpacking out on the western slope. 

Last minute knee jerk trips are generally not a great idea for either sport…  so this has been interesting trying to figure out how to choreograph how to store gear, and switch between riding and backpacking and keep my gear secure when left at a trail head. 

The only real complicating factor right now is the fact the belt for my new backpack was supposed to be replaced with a different size this week, and the mfg forgot to mail it… so I am hoping I get it overnighted for tomorrow morning so I can still be ready to go…  

I am still working on a plan for where to go and what to do, but I am getting close to a general flow for the trip. I should have it done before mid way through the trip I figure 🙂

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