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The first photo is my new plaything…

Sold a few hundred $$$ in random R/C stuff and a truck I had in a box, and used that money to fund this new chassis to race with.  I have no idea what I am doing in this class, or how to set this car up… hopefully it will all fall into place tonight at the track 🙂

For those curious, its a CRC Racing Gen X10 LE chassis, w/ Hobbywing ESC, Orion Vortex motor, and quite a few upgrades and tweaks already done.  Has an orange Alfa 8C body as well.  This is a 1/10th scale pan car, vs my other 1/12th scale BMI chassis I run. 

The 1/12th is considerably harder to drive than these 1/10ths, but should be a fun time at the track with both.

So far getting back into R/C has been a trip, harder than I remember to drive, but just as much fun to setup and tweak the cars.  (which I like doing more than driving them)  So much sub mm, and sub degree accuracy, attention to detail, exacting rebuilds, exotic materials…  great fun for a geek!   I guess that’s why most people in this club work in IT.

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