Summer on 2 wheels.

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After spending a bit of time looking at my vacation time I have to burn this year, and the extra week+ I get toward the end of the year… I figure I have 3-4 weeks of vacation I can use this year and still carry over a couple.

So because of that I think I am going to try and use the motorcycle quite a bit for a handful of adventures this spring/summer/fall.    Probably not more than one that is on the scale of what I did last year (7 days), but lots of mid week camping and exploring trips around the state and surrounding states.

In prep I know I need new tires for the bike (rear is badly squared and over 3 years old), an oil change, and quite a few other things that will come closer to summer.   But to get some important things out of the way I ordered a new clutch cable, new rear brake pads (Sintered HH EBC pads – to match the front that I put on last spring), replacement for the busted foot peg on the right side, and some replacement rubber parts under the bodywork that were a tad dry rotted (Triumph rubber FTL).

I am also exploring getting the bike better setup for me  and getting the forks re-tuned, and the rear strut re-tuned or replaced with something more tweak-able.

I figure the bike will be paid off soon enough here, there is little interest in buying a new bike right now so I am going to make this thing do what I want for the long term.

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