So… got all the work I needed to get done for the suspension work on the bike.  Front and rear suspension is off the bike, and going to be shipped out.

The goal today was to get front and rear suspension off, and the center console out so I can run a wire to the trip computer for some remote buttons to control it from the bars.

Now the bike is bare and easy for me to do a ton of electrical work I am going to be doing (cleaning up previous wiring jobs, and streamlining everything.

To get the bike on the jack there was a serious trial-error period with Kate holding the bike upright and me shimming the extremely uneven underside to get a stable platform.   4 ratchet straps later and it was solid.   Removing the front went easy, and the rear even easier.

The apartment building was nice enough to give me for a few weeks a nice 10ft area to work in.

So onward to wiring fun, and new handle bars.   I have the new LSL bars in and they are chunky solid German precision.

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