Day two of the bike tear down and rebuild

Today was all electrical all the time.   Got started a bit late, and rapidly realized that this electrical job makes the work on the suspension seem easy.   Found the glue the previous owner used to get the handle grips on the bike are stronger than me… so ordering some new heated grips is a must now not just a nice thing.

Found the stator connector was melted, and fried as I expected…

So much cutting, mounting, removing, remounting, remeasuring, rerouting… exhausting.

All the suspension is packed and ready to head to Cali in the next day or so, all 35lbs of it.

I am building a nice collection of parts to sell used.   Figure I have 150 – 200$ in bits to sell on CL/Ebay.   I am also looking to sell the tires on the bike for a couple hundred as I get some new Pilot Road 3’s mounted in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to a day off of the bike stuff and playing with toy cars instead at the R/C track.

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