Shortly after our friends from out of town left I had to get back in the “prep” mindset for the trip in a couple days.   I have my last hotel reservations in.  I almost had no place to stay on the night of the 10th, as everything near Mexican Hat Utah was booked!

Routes are finalized, printed and loaded into the GPS.

I started by unloading all the boxes and bags an reloading them so I knew how it would go on a day of camping.   The above pic shows everything I am taking other than clothes and tools. (both of which are out of the picture).

You’ll also see I have the Twisted Throttle Tool Tubes mounted to the case racks. One of those holds all the tire repair tools and some other tool stuff, and the other will hold a quart of oil, and anything else I can fit in there. 

I should have most of the gear packed, weighed, and ready by end of tonight. 

The motorcycle is also done at the shop so when I am done with work today I need to run over and get it so I can get everything mounted up and ready to go.

I think I am getting to the nervous point in packing and getting ready to go… 

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