Departure: 1.5 days.

The bike is back, and ready to go.

Besides for one screw missing from the bodywork I am pretty happy with the work Erico did on my bike. 

The bike has the racks on and the tool tubes fit great.  I would need to crush the suspension on the bike in order to even get near the plastic chain guard hitting one of the tubes.   Not too worried (either way both things have considerable flex in them so it shouldn’t be an issue)

I threw on another TecMount on the bars for a GoPro mount, and I just need to wire up the remote trigger for the powered GoPro tonight.  Then I can start mounting the luggage and getting everything done!

Where is Joe: I’ve turned on the “where is joe” page and will be changing the corner icon to the mini Google Latitude map as well.   Once I am leaving the morning on Thursday the app will be turned on to show where I am (as of the last Cell tower that is).

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