Pics from another fun fille

Pics from another fun filled trip with the CMC backpacking group this last weekend.  This time to the Eagles Nest Wilderness north of Silverthorne, CO.   It was planned to be a 2 night trip with the first night at Eaglesmere Lakes, and the second at Surprise Lake.

Eaglesmere Lake was stunning, and we had quite a beautiful night under the stars.  Next morning we trekked to Surprise Lake.   We found a forest of dead pine (aka Widow makers for their propensity to fall on campers).  We did some exploring and recon to see if there was any way we could stay in the area, but after a few hours the call was made to abandon those plans.

We ended up late in the day hiking out (completing a ~10mi day at about 9:30pm), getting a couple hours of night hiking in and driving home.   It was a great trip overall and was with some amazing people.   Our group is just so much fun to hang out with.

Overall the trip (via GPS data) came in at about 17.4 miles and both days had over 1900ft of vertical ascent.   The data can be found here:

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