Old hobbies coming back to surface

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R/C Car racing:

So last night I bought up the totes of R/C racing gear that hasn’t been looked at in over a year.   Going to dig through and see what the deal is.   I may even check out a race at the local track on some Thursday coming up.  But i think the end goal is to sell most of it off as I don’t think I have time to really put into R/C right now.

But the fact selling the gear would get me pennies on the dollar, for thousands of dollars of hardware… may leave me to race instead..  who knows.   It’s an evil addiction, and something that while I am not the best at racing when I hung it up… it is a truly interesting technical and mental challenge. (while also a serious work out on the visa).

Web Dev:

Another hobby I had before was some web development work.  I built a few websites back in the mid ‘00’s that are still hosted on a server I have.   But after reviewing what I am paying for the server, I am going to try to consolidate down to just some hosting package somewhere.  So this is going to cause me to re-learn the PHP/MySQL/HTML coding I did in the first place to alter the code to run in hosted/shared environments.    Not sure how much I am looking forward to this, but I have far too much going on with a server, and very little loading it these days.

But with the ability to save ~ $50/month it’s something I need to get on with.  Time to shake the cobwebs off!

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