Not many photos today, was busy riding, getting lost, frustrated, cold, hot, and in awe at the many sights.  Zion nat’l park is … stunning, beyond comprehension, everything is sooo big!  Northern AZ is a land of contrasts from flat barren desert to lush pine forest in a matter of a mile.  Lots of video though.

I had a routing issue that caused me to go through Zion twice, eating hours of time.  I heard from a fellow rider that the grand canyon camp was completely sold out this weekend.  So i am skipping it, and went to flagstaff instead.

It took me almos 9hrs to do 336mi today!  With the temps at zion peakinv at 95f, and n arizona hitting 98… it was a day that started chilly (48 in Bryce), to boiling hot. In the lines to get into Zion the second time, the air temp around my hot bike was registered at 130f!

I have a very easy day tomorrow, enjoying some wine in Jerome after a short ride there.

The bike says i’ve been riding for 17.5hrs so far.

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