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My office for this week.  I am so impressed with the battery life on this Surface 2 Pro.   Yesterday I used it from 10am and well into the night, including the entire flight streaming the TV on southwest, doing email and web browsing, and then doing presentations in the airport after I landed.    And by 5pm I still had 3hrs of battery life left! 

Today I have been using this since about 9am and still have 60+% battery left doing emails, Lync conference calls, and a good amount of work in various documents.   These things sip power!

The Type 2 keyboard is pretty great as well.

Best part – when you fly on an airline that lets you use your electronic devices on take off and landing, people with laptops including MacBook airs (which is arguably smaller than a surface+keyboard) have to put them away, while I could keep using my full Windows 8.1 Pro OS with full office.  

The fact this is my main desktop PC as well (when it is docked at home) means I have everything I normally use with me as well, no multiple machines to maintain.)

MS got this thing right!

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