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Last weekend I spent a little bit browsing at Foothills BMW/Triumph.  That place is like Willy Wonka’s factory to me.   So much I must own 🙂  From the BMW K1600GTL that costs more than many sedans (but looks more comfortable than any car I’ve seen!), to the Triumph Tiger 800 XC.

I sat on a few bikes, and really liked the feel of a Tiger 800 (not the XC as I felt it was a bit too tall for my short build.)  I may take one out on a test ride coming up just to see what I am missing out on. 

But in the end I know I am just going to keep my Sprint ST for a while longer.   Because of that I have a laundry list of fun projects coming up for it.

  1. Replace anything worn or broken from the last couple years  (all those parts are already on their way from England)
  2. Oil changes, fluid checks, etc… (new Motul 300V and WIX filters in hand)
  3. Replace the rear brake pads with sintered HH pads ( to match the front)
  4. Order an LSL handle bar conversion kit to make the ride a little more comfortable for long trips.
  5. Re-valve, rebuild and oil the front forks. (Via RaceTech valves)
  6. Potentially ship out the rear shock to get the preload spacer tweaked.
  7. New tires  (Pilot Road 3’s)

And besides that I am looking at getting a new Schuberth C3 helmet, and some heated riding gear.

Going to be an expensive spring for my bike, but I plan for that to be about the extent of the purchases for the bike this year.  Since my game plan is to use the bike for probably 2 to 3 week long trips this year, and many day/weekend trips, I might as well make sure it will get me there.

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