More tweaks to the route for the trip I am taking in early Sept.   Now planning for it to be a 10 day trip if I hit every stop I want to make.    Some other changes still could be worked in, but in general this is pretty solid.

Only 2 of the days are “long” 325+ mileage that will require me to keep on the road and not do a whole lot of sight seeing on the way in order to make it to the campsites and such.  Everything else should let me take my time, take in the sights and venture off the beaten path as much as I want.

Gear and Preparations are also moving along:

  • The bike is going for a quick visit to the dealer the second week in August to have some maint I cant do here taken care of.  Also some general maintenance that I am just going to have them do while they have it for a few days ( swap the front sprocket for a 19T, clean/lube the chain, etc…)
  • New luggage is in, but the mounting brackets wont be in until end of August… which is distressing as that is getting awful close to my departure date.  Not happy about that at all!
  • New 30L dry sack to replace my Motofizz on the seat as I dont need the bulk of the fizz for this trip.
  • I tested out the new helmet over the weekend and love it.   The integrated sun shade is excellent, and I can ride without sunglasses on now and adapt to riding into rain/shade/cloud cover easily on the fly.  I even tested the BT setup with a phone call to Kate on the road to check audio quality, she had no idea I was actually riding at the time, the audio and noise cancellation is that good.  (note – I don’t plan on taking phone calls while moving, it was more to test out how the audio would be for intercom discussions between riders if I used it for that)
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